Life Hack #5 – ShopBack + (Go)

If your favorite pastime is to sit on the couch, and do online shopping (no judgment here), I’m quite sure you probably have heard of ShopBack at some point. But if you haven’t, well consider this as another tool you can add to your arsenal.

To start – Shopback is a true and true cashback platform, and the mechanics of it is quite straight forward.

You first check if the merchant you wish to purchase stuff from is listed on ShopBack, and if it is, all you need to do is to click through and get redirected to the merchant’s website.

Think of it as you doing a search on Google. You found what you need based on your query you typed, and click on the result page.

There are quite a few things to admire about the ShopBack offering so let me talk you through how it works.

One – The cashback rebate function is pretty neat (and this is coming from me where I am usually quite nit picky on the usability).

(Moving on), the moment you do a purchase via ShopBack with the preferred merchant, the cashback is tracked in the backend, and the actual dollar and cent is reflected in your account a few days later.

You can accumulate the cashback as much as you like, but you need to have at least $20 rebate before you can transfer to your designated bank account. So if you have a big ticket item to purchase, chances are you probably will get a decent cashback amount.

All the cashback rebates that are tracked in your account

Two – When you log in to your ShopBack account, you get to see different categories of merchants that have partnered with ShopBack. There is travel, shopping, groceries and so on (you get the drift).

Usually if I’m feeling it, I might do some random shopping on, and use ShopBack to get some rebates (up to 6% cashback).

But typically, where I tend to use ShopBack more is whenever I decide to buy a flight ticket (i.e. Singapore Airlines) or hotel booking (i.e. Marriott). We could debate all day long whether we should do it via OTA, or directly with the Airlines (but let’s leave the debate for another day).

For the sake of the argument here, ShopBack works for both (but leans towards the side of OTA as there is more cashback %, such is the case with Agoda where you get up to 6% cashback)

Categories of merchants listed in ShopBack

Three – ShopBack can be used together with some of the other tricks that we have explored in the previous posts.

In other words, you can continue to use your preferred payment type when you finally check out at the merchant page. Following which, you unlock the quadruple dip effect by religiously replicating the steps below –

Step 1: Open ShopBack

Step 2: Click through to the merchant

Step 3: Check out and pay using GrabPay MasterCard

Ta da – You get all the benefits listed here together with the ShopBack rebates to go along (how sweet).

A disclaimer: This might be a little advanced to people starting out, but I will just say that there is a caveat to the Citi Rewards Card (as there is a cap of $1k per month that will generate 4mpd). So if you have crossed that spend threshold, consider other 4mpd credit cards for online shopping (like DBS Woman’s World Card).

Four – If you like to dine out (obviously not at this time of writing), ShopBack has an additional offering called ShopBack Go where you can get cashback at certain restaurants.

Again, the mechanics is really simple – you link your credit card to your ShopBack account, and pay for the bill using that card. After a few days, the cashback amount will be reflected in your account.

In case you are wondering this vs. FavePay, I got you covered bro.

Difference 1 – ShopBack Go requires you to use your credit card to pay, while FavePay requires you to scan the restaurant QR code (or click in the app directly), and pay via GrabPay wallet.

Difference 2 – ShopBack Go will add the cashback in your account after a few days, but the ‘actual’ amount can only be withdrawn after ShopBack has verified the order with the merchant. It is all done in the backend so there is nothing you need to do, but the verification can vary from a few days to a few months max.

FavePay on the other hand requires you to make a subsequent trip to the same merchant to apply the cashback to your next order.

Restaurants and shops listed in ShopBack Go

By the way, ShopBack Go is not restricted to food restaurants only. You sometimes see Guardian and some other general stores.

Five – ShopBack is compatible both on the desktop/laptop or in the mobile app, which makes it really easy for you and me (no excuses).

For example, if you decide to make an online purchase using your laptop, you can download the ShopBack browser extension (for eg. Chrome) and ShopBack will detect automatically that you are browsing on the partnered merchant.

All you need to do is to click enable, and log in to your ShopBack account, and you are all set.

How the ShopBack chrome extension would work

In most cases, ShopBack is like a dream for shoppers because it is seamless and easy to use (sorry, I know I repeated this a few times), but I guess my only critic is that there are some popular merchants that are slowly moving out of the platform (i.e. Lazada).

Well I can only make an educated guess on why this is happening.

ShopBack is passing back some of the affiliate marketing budgets that the merchants would otherwise spend on back to the consumers (yay!)

Well it is all good and well for the consumers, but that also inadvertently mean that merchants are getting more reliant from platform like ShopBack to get new/returning users. I’m not here to give a lecture but just some food for thought the next time you see merchants running direct promotions on their site.

So there you have it – ShopBack and Go.

Honestly this post was (so much) harder to write than my previous ones because I hardly (pun intended) use ShopBack anymore.

Not because I shop lesser but I prefer some other merchants that are not listed on ShopBack. Well, one could argue cashback is not the be all and end all, so do what it pleases you. For me, it’s all about miles and superior product.

If you found this article useful, and want to give ShopBack a go (pun intended), use my affiliate link to download the app. Both of us get $5 each; T&C applies.

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